You can add in game Announcers to folder /BeatX/sounds/announcers - this functionality is compatible with Stepmania Announcer packs.
Please note that this will increase your game start-up time and can crash your game installation due to higher memory consumption.

A small tutorial

Short tutorial:
1) Unzip the announcer pack.. there should be folders or files named like "gameplay 100 combo" or "evaluation a" or "gameplay combo stopped"

2) copy all the files including sub folders to BeatX/sounds/announcers/ folder which should be located in the root of your primary storage ( in my case it's /storage/emulated/0/BeatX/sounds/announcers/" )

3) Restart the game and enjoy

following folers/aliases are available:
  • evaluation a
  • evaluation aa
  • evaluation aaa
  • evaluation aaaa
  • evaluation b
  • evaluation c
  • evaluation d
  • evaluation e
  • evaluation new record
  • gameplay 100 combo
  • gameplay 200 combo
  • gameplay 300 combo
  • gameplay 400 combo
  • gameplay 500 combo
  • gameplay 600 combo
  • gameplay 700 combo
  • gameplay 800 combo
  • gameplay 900 combo
  • gameplay 1000 combo
  • gameplay combo stopped
  • gameplay cleared
  • gameplay failed
  • gameplay ready
  • player options intro
  • select course comment general/select music comment general
  • select course intro/select music intro
  • caution
  • gameplay comment danger
  • gameplay comment good
  • gameplay comment hot

As in stepmania you can use a single file ("gameplay 100 combo.mp3") or multiple files in a folder ("gameplay 100 combo/file1.mp3" + "gameplay 100 combo/file2.mp3" - one of the files will by played by random)
Supported file formats are "mp3", "ogg" and "wav".

You can download some announcers here

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