Background video

Background videos not working - Unable to play video null

This is fixed already. Please update to new version (2.2.3 and higher)

Random Background videos

As stated in this article the random background videos are currently not supported.
This is because android does not support gap-less video playback.

As much as i would love to see this working - it's just not possible (currently) to play 2 videos from a playlist without a 1-2 sec gap.
You might argue that i could play the second video before the first ends, but as the gap is unpredictable - i just can't tell when to start the playback of the second video so android plays it just in time the first ends.

Character background animation/Background animation scripts

I am sorry but currently don't have time to implement this as it requires a lot of effort. You can vote on this in the user feedback section to make it a higher priority but it is currently out of scope of this project.

Please check the ?Help/FAQ/Background videos article to find out how to get the background working.

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