Can't press multiple buttons

If you can't play JUMPS or can't press arrows while holding a note it is a device issue.
BeatX supports 20+ finger multi touch - that is more than currently any device and human can handle.

The problem is that some devices do not support "True multi touch" and even those who do, might have some issues with phone edges.

Here is a small video to demonstrate the multitouch issues

To get around this issue on your device you can:
  • Not use a multitouch - press a single finger between the arrows on Left/Down, Up/Down, Up/Right (the arrow hit zones overlap by default)
  • or press one finger slightly higher than the other on Left/Right jumps (so your fingers are not aligned on the same horizontal line
  • or use a gamepad/keyboard/dance mat connected via USB OTG or Bluetooth :)

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