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Can't find my mp3 files (Autogenerated levels)

Simply put - BeatX does not play just any mp3 file - as a stepmania clone it needs DWI, SM as level definition files to play (Similar to emulator requiring the ROMS)

There are a lot of levels to play in the download section + the whole archive with more than 100 000 levels to play!

BeatX won't be implementing auto generated levels (anywhere soon) due to multiple reasons:

  1. BeatX is a Stepmania clone for Android - It's main purpose is to emulate Stepmania as close as possible and play .sm/.dwi
  2. Auto generated levels are boring. It is currently not possible for a machine to generate a levels based on music accents, artist expressions in the same quality as done by the step chart makers. There are also tons of songs available for free download on (including popular songs)
  3. But you could do FFT - Yes, but that is far from what an actual chart maker has to do (match BPM, Match to accents, align patterns, make the chart fun to play, verify that the chart is playable e.t.c.).
  4. But there are games that can do this, like (insert game name here) - Yes but - (1), (2), (3). Also the timing accuracy for those games is HUGE around 0.7sec to judge a successful hit - that is far from 0.025 sec that the Marvelous judge on BeatX is (based on Stepmania) and also far from what is considered Fun for any Stepmania/DDR player
  5. But you could increase the precision for the analysis - Running the FFT on a 10sec song with 0.025ms accuracy on a standard 128kbs song on my Samsung Galaxy S4 mini (100% cpu) took 2+ minutes - and that is just the FFT - it still did not generate/detect anything - are you willing to wait for an hour for your song to be ready to play? - users expect this to be less than 5 seconds
  6. If the MP3 is DRM protected (most legal mp3 out there) - i can't read the stream data

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