Note skins

Let's state the facts first:
  • This is a BETA - note skin support will EVOLVE in time and possibly become full version only
  • No support for scripts or references - there is no way i can integrate LUA scripts on Android (performance, difficulty)
  • Using note skins will increases load times and might cause lags. Default in-game note skins are HEAVILY optimized (composite textures, resolution e.t.c.) - custom note skins are not
Here is a list of skins already created by fans of BeatX

If you make a BeatX note skin from free Stepmania note skins - feel free to send them to me, and i will add a link to this article.

In order to make this work you must:
  • Enable Custom note skins in "Settings/Advanced/Custom skin".
  • Create following files and copy them to the "BeatX/noteskins" directory (all of them). All paths and file names are CASE SENSITIVE.
List of note skin files follows
Arrows with different colors - Pointing LEFT
  • BeatX/noteskins/arrow_left_4.png
  • BeatX/noteskins/arrow_left_8.png
  • BeatX/noteskins/arrow_left_12.png
  • BeatX/noteskins/arrow_left_16.png
  • BeatX/noteskins/arrow_left_24.png
  • BeatX/noteskins/arrow_left_32.png
  • BeatX/noteskins/arrow_left_48.png
  • BeatX/noteskins/arrow_left_64.png
  • BeatX/noteskins/arrow_left_192.png
Holds - Pointing UP
  • BeatX/noteskins/hold_end_active_up.png
  • BeatX/noteskins/hold_end_inactive_up.png
  • BeatX/noteskins/hold_active_up.png
  • BeatX/noteskins/hold_inactive_up.png
Rolls - Pointing UP (since 2.4.7)
  • BeatX/noteskins/roll_end_active_up.png
  • BeatX/noteskins/roll_end_inactive_up.png
  • BeatX/noteskins/roll_active_up.png
  • BeatX/noteskins/roll_inactive_up.png
Control buttons/receivers - Pointing LEFT
  • BeatX/noteskins/arrow_left_control.png
  • BeatX/noteskins/arrow_left_hit.png

Mines (Will rotate)
  • BeatX/noteskins/mine.png
  • BeatX/noteskins/mineFlash.png
Additional notes
  • You must keep the size the same for all arrows (4,8,12,...)
  • Due to device performance limitations - keep your images small (64x64 or 128x128 max)
  • If you use a square arrow image - game assumes that this is an arrow skin and automatically rotates the images/arrows
  • If you use a non square arrow image - game assumes that this is an line skin (like in Beatmania) and won't rotate the images

Hold end caps (hold end)
  • If you use a square end cap - the game will assume that half of the cap is blank (position of the end cap will be adjusted - see classic skin)
  • If you use a non square end cap - the game will assume that whole cap is filled with the graphics (see metal skin)
To be done (if there is time):
  • Ability for a partial theme so you can swap only the items you want (e.g. just mines)
  • Custom skin for rolls
  • Separate graphics for each column for holds
  • Skin options for the fonts and judges (nice to have)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via

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