This is a list of people who contributed to making this game so special!


  • MetroGnome - who was happy to give his Breaking Bad remix as a demo song to the game
  • Alex Beroza - for the theme song
  • Analog By Nature - for "C'mon"

Suggestions and others

  • Malikhoa S - For creating an awesome BeatX Players group on Facebook
  • FeFe D. - for his great initial suggestions
  • Derek S. - for many great suggestions for usability and testing
  • Mathijas K. - for his bug report and suggestions for improvements of the game
  • Franck J. - for quick bug report on the score screen
  • Max S. - for a lot of great feedback
  • Kichi P. - for great support when launching Video Backgrounds
  • Renzy L. - for great info on MODS
  • Teddy R.. - for great info on Stop Bug to fix songs like CHAOS, e.t.c.
  • Bill Rehbock from NVIDIA for great support and the Tegra devices he send me
  • Angel Nicolas R. G. - For a great suggestions on music sync, hold display and many others
  • Everyone that created a noteskin for BeatX (JacobW, Monkeysmasher1, Avexian, Xprior, .... )
  • Everyone in the BeatXTesters group who contributed with ideas and issue reports testing all the betas
  • Everyone who contributed and send a feedback ticket via in game feedback form or voted for an idea
  • Everyone who rated the game and left a meaningful suggestion for improvement on Google Play
  • Everyone else who i forgot to mention

Special thanx goes to my family, especially my wife who trusted me and supported the development. I could not make it happen without her!

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