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This page describes how to mod your BeatX installation on your Android device.

This functionality comes with no guarantee and any changes you do to mod this game are at your own risk - Advanced users only!

Ability to mod this game will evolve in time and so will this article. All file paths are CASE SENSITIVE.
There will be no guarantee that a "mod/theme" working on one version will work on the next one. We will however do our best not to break anything with updates and notify you in this article if anything changes.

If you have any suggestions/questions feel free to send an email to

If you find your installation is not working and you made any modifications try to remove your mod

Removing your mod
If you applied a mod and your game installation is not working, try following steps (in this order, try to start the game after each step):
  1. Check the log and try to find the solution (You can use LogViewer Lite (LogCat)) - search logs for "BeatManiac"
  2. Revert the last change in mod you did
  3. Delete anything in /BeatX/ but keep the /BeatX/Songs/ folder or you will loose your whole song library!
  4. If everything fails, do (3) and go to Settings/Applications/Manage applications/BeatX and Clear Data !!Waring!! this will remove all your in game settings and local high scores (Global Leaderboards and achievements will be untouched) - so at least note your delay times for both MP3 and OGG!

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