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Release notes

next version (Unreleased - done)
  • Reset of home folder to accompany changes
  • Fix for slow folder listing in custom songs
  • Song progress bar (red stripe on top showing time passed in song)
  • Basic JACKET support

2.5.16 (Released)
  • Android 11+ announcers working again
  • License (Paid users) is now persisted again for 30 days even if offline
  • File selector - fixed width of buttons
  • Fixed Small App icon on some devices
  • Default audio delay values updated to represent current state of matter - no changes to audio sync
  • Added a warning message in case folder is empty

  • Android 11+ file restriction fixes
  • You can now select BeatX root directory on first start - you need to do this after every phone restart (due to permissions)
  • Video and Skins are back
  • File select screen - layout issues fixed
  • Open with/unzip fixed on devices with older than Android 11
  • Announcers, Unpacking,  are still not workin
  • More comming soon!

  • Judges in can be set behind the arrows using Settings/Advanced/Judges: BEHIND
  • File select screen - added button to go back to BeatX/Song folder
  • Fixes for most occuring
  • Fixed download links
  • Added rolls to custom note skins
  • Fixes for LINE skins
  • Fixed black screen bug in download screen
  • More mods: Bar Drain (NORMAL, NO RECOVER, SUDDEN DEATH), DARK Mod (hide indicators), Dizzy
  • Game shows more ads instead of delays. They can be skipped so i consider this a win/win situation
  • Fixed bug where stops placed on non existing beats (measure defines only 1/4ths notes but stop is on 1/8th note e.t.c.) would cause wrong timing on arrows after the stop. This fixes the issues for files like CHAOS, Teddy R. for very useful info on this subject!
  • TURN, CUT and FREEZE mods (see Advanced settings/ Mods)
  • Song duration on song info screen
  • Fixes in file loader
  • Unzip screen adjustments
  • Write permission notification for Android 6+
  • Song duration in Song info screen
  • Fix for default tapbox layout where the overlaps were too big
  • Fixes in banner loader for some specific cases (banner file name is the same as the name of smfile or music file)
  • Fix for Android 6 permission issue. If you still have problems finding your files please go to Android Settings/Apps/BeatX/Permissions and enable Storage
  • Performance optimizations
  • Adjustments in Music sync
  • Added very much requested CMOD!
  • Fixes in menu - double tap when playing with game pad / dance mat
  • Arrow scaling multiplier (for devices with large display resolutions)
  • Possibility to adjust tap box overlap for CROSS layouts
  • Fixes in file loader
  • Improved tap box areas
  • Possibility to adjust tap box overlap for line layouts (user request)
  • Custom note skins (Beta), more info here
  • Adjusted code picking the default tap box layout
  • Hold display improvements
  • Rolls are shown blue now
  • Improved controller test showing more info
  • Fixed hold display bug - the holds pass the base line only if not tapped or dead
  • Bigger tap buttons for multiple layouts
  • Improved experience for first time users
  • Fixed controller mapping issues and controller mapping reset button
  • Added new layout CROSS "I"
  • Average tap difference is displayed in score screen if Settings/Advanced/Timing Info set to "SHOW"
  • Larger button touch areas for Line layouts
  • Improved automatic button layout selection and improved layout of buttons in multiplayer/double mode
  • Fixed "Unable to play video null" issue for Background video support, more info >HERE<
  • Fixes in GFX scaling
  • Fixed menu background orientation on some screens
  • Background video support, more info >HERE<
  • Mod to remove mines
  • Landscape mode and versus/double mode adjustments
  • Display PPI override changes PPI for Game screen only and leaves menu graphics based on device PPI (User request)
  • File loader fixes
  • Fixed mines issue where the mines got triggered with different arrows.
  • Multiplayer and Double mode! Dance mats or game pads recommended in multiplayer mode
  • Refactor of controller mapping (if you experience any trouble please clear settings in Settings/Controls/Reset controls)
  • Fixed bug where background effects crashed the game (change detail to MED if this is still happening)
  • Fixed bug where audio stops playing in the next song and you have to restart the game
  • Added background animations! If you feel that there is too much strain on your eyes, change GFX detail to MID
  • Resized arrows for TV version
  • Base arrow flashes
  • Refactored control mapping for game pads/dance mats
  • Added tips to the delay screen while waiting for song to start
  • Fixed file select sort
  • Left/Right with game pad is now mapped as page up/down in lists
  • You can adjust the delay with game pad up/down in delay screen
  • Small bug fixes
  • Added particle effects
  • Menu layout fixes
  • Fixes of SMFile loader
  • Improvements for Google Nexus Player and nVIDIA Shield Portable
  • Improved support for Google Bluetooth controllers
  • All menus, settings and dialogs can now be controlled by game pad
  • Improved detection of Landscape/Portrait orientation for Android TV devices
  • Fixes of SMFile loader for X-Special songs from DDR X
  • Fine tuned button layouts
  • Fixed loader issue with 1/12 notes messing up song timing
  • Fixed background mod crashing the game
  • Added support for analog and D-Pad on controllers
  • New options in Settings/Advanced/Controls to adjust the tap and swipe areas
  • Fixed bug with incorrect feet rating numbers in Song Info Screen
  • SM Loader fixes (for compatibility with PARANOiA songs)
  • Improved banner/background loader
  • Menu and font adjustments
  • Fixed score sharing
  • Rebranding to BeatX Learn more here
  • New fast and shiny user interface
  • Added even more button layouts
  • Improved Landscape suport
  • Improved SM/DWI level loader
  • SMZIP Unpacker shows progres
  • Added new announcers for the health bar (Good/Hot/Danger)
  • Added progress information during smzip/zip unpack
  • Added code to keep the screen on all the time
  • Fixed bug where difficulty could not be changed for DWI files
  • Fixed bug where sm files with no song specified in #MUSIC tag would not load
  • Fixed bug where smzip/zip file would not unpack automatically by BeatManiac
  • Faster load of sm/dwi files
  • Added support for Stepmania Announcer packs! (Go to Help/Settings/Mods to learn more)
  • Added new Leaderboards based on ITG % score
  • Full audio redesign! - enable audio in Settings (Note icon)
  • Added next/prev buttons to song info screen
  • Faster start in delay calibration screen
  • Fixed the bug where jumps were counted as only +1 combo (thanx to Hans Morbach)
  • Improved recognition of background and banner files
  • Added new song pack to download section
  • Updated AdMob
  • Added option to keep the combo display shown
  • Fixed problems in Lite version
  • Fixes in file loader
  • Lowered custom song delay in LITE version
  • Improved game graphics
  • Added foot rating to Song Info Screen
  • Added option to hide in-game buttons (for when playing on TV)
  • Level loader fixes
  • Added new achievements (Awesome, Sick, Frenzy, Godlike)
  • Fixed bug where download link did not unpack files on Android 4.x.x
  • Added support for roll notes (you can enable roll notes in Settings/Advanced/Roll notes: ENABLED)
  • Added High Score display to song info screen
  • Improved graphics for Full HD devices
  • Fixed rendering crashes
  • Tap box spaces are now a bit wider (for phones with big screen)
  • Added new links to download section - color coded according to difficulty
  • Fixed auto unpack of smzip/sm files on devices with android 4.x and external SD card mounted
  • New links to packs in download section
  • Added % and letter scoring (ITG) to score screen
  • Major delay calibration and music sync refactoring - Please check if your timing did not change and redo calibration if necessary!
  • Fixes for Samsung phones (Lagy/Out of sync)
  • Faster rendering engine - game runs smoother on low-end devices
  • Larger arrows and buttons for high-end devices with larger screens
  • Fixed issue with extSDCard locations not working for World Chart levels music
  • Added setting to display your tap offset so you can improve your delay setting (set "Timing info" to SHOW)
  • Landscape mode fixes
  • Ability to set image stretch type for background
  • Updated download section
  • Fixed bug where game would not unpack downloaded smzip/zip
  • Improved file selector (folders containing only one sm/dwi file are treated as sm/dwi files)
  • Added song music sample to Song Info Screen
  • Fixed crashes on devices without Google Play Services
  • Level loader fixes
  • Landscape orientation (Experimental)
  • Faster game start
  • Support for negative BPM gimmicks
  • SM File compatibility fixes (missing newline chars in notes section caused wrong file load, large BPM's caused game crash on playback)
  • Improved Help
  • GUI Improvements (button feedback)
  • Fixes in misaligned/unreadable dialogs
  • Added delay setting buttons to Advanced Settings
  • New level added Under Control by Calvin Harris & Alesso
  • Licensing changed to delay-ware - you can play custom SM/DWI files after a small time delay with a commercial display
  • Fixed issue where "Good" scoring was not displayed in Score Screen
  • GUI fixes and tweaks
  • Improved help system for new users
  • Updated song download links: removed invalid + added StepMix links directing to
  • Support for EXT SD cards
  • Combo display improvements
  • GUI Cleanup (Touch targets small on xxhdpi (Samsung Galaxy S3/S4,..) devices, interface cleanup, GFX enhancements, ...)
  • Ability to mod default backgrounds and sounds, check ?Help/Settings/Mods for more info
  • BPM Display in Song Info Screen
  • Render engine improvements (less lags, shorter render times)
  • Fixed issues with 5, 10, 15 in a Row achievement
  • Fix of scoring system where N.G. broke combo
  • Misc small bug fixes in .sm/.dwi file loading
  • Added .nomedia file to Beat Maniac home folder to remove your level songs from media player lists (could take some time to cache). Remove the file if you want to see your Beat Maniac library songs in your audio player.
Thanx Mathias K. for his suggestions and report for the N.G. bug!

  • New achievements added (Improver, Repeater, 5,10,15 in a row, Combo 300 & 400)
  • Vibrations as guide for hitting notes
  • Improved tap timing accuracy
  • Small DWI support fixes
  • Help button in Song Info Screen for World Chart levels

  • Bug fixes in share screen and help screens
  • Fixed spelling

  • Added DWI file support - extended promo/free license for you to try until 12.3.2014
  • Added share score button in Score Screen
  • Improved loading of backgrounds/banners in custom levels
  • Improved rendering engine
  • Improved/fixed stage select screen fling gesture
  • Small bug fixes

Added before
  • Help button with contact form, user requests and help articles (Main screen/Help)
  • User request submission and voting (Help/Feedback Forum)
  • Dance mat, controller and keyboard support (Settings/Controls)
  • Added support for landscape orientation on monitor/TV connected android devices
  • Added support for ultra high resolution displays (up to 480dpi and Full HD resolution)
  • Improved performance of rendering engine - game runs faster now
  • Added support for large tablet screens
  • Added ability to switch to rising arrows (Settings/Advanced/Arrow direction)
  • Added 3 cross tap box layouts (Settings/Advanced/Tapbox Layout)
  • Added 2 independent sets of settings which can be switched by the bottom right icon in the stage select screen to be used when switching between normal and dance mat mode
  • Improved delay calibration including separated calibration for MP3 and OGG (Settings/Set delay)
  • Added auto calibration based on data retrieved from users by Google Analytics
  • 3 Demo and 4 World Chart songs which can be played for free!
  • Support for Google Play Leader boards and Achievements
  • Added support for mines
  • Added ability to import SM files
  • Added download section with shortcuts to download songs
  • Enlarged range of speed multiplier (Settings/Advanced/Speed multiplier)
  • Improved vibrations using Haptic feedback via Immersion UHL
  • Added background dim (Settings/Advanced/Background dim)
  • Added ability to horizontally move the tap boxes (Settings/Advanced/Tapbox offset)
  • and many more..

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