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If the app crashes and you want to help us improve/fix the app you can do following:
  1. Check the ?Help/Known issues section
  2. Send me the crash report using the standard android dialog. This will give me the most detailed error log possible. Please remember to include your contact email address if you want to be notified by us about progress of this issue and future possible fix!
  3. Check if you have the latest version - the issue might have been reported by other users and might also be fixed in an update available on Google Play
  4. [Optional] Send me an email to describing your issue, if you have a SM/DWI file that is not working include it in your message - please remove any copyrighted material - .sm/.dwi file is just enough 99% of the times - this is most likely to result in direct dialog - i will contact your shortly
  5. If you want to get the issue fixed fast, please include your Device type, Android version, if the device is rooted and steps to reproduce the issue
  6. If possible please write in English, we have to use Google Translate to translate from other languages, my response will be always in English

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