Delay calibration

Every android device plays audio with a slight delay, because you need the music to be in sync with the arrows, you need to perform delay calibration.

If you skip the delay calibration - you won't be able to hit the notes on time and get a good score!

You can calibrate right after you hit play the first time or in Settings->Set Delay

Proper calibration procedure:
  • Try to do a loud tap to the screen (with a nail) so you can hear both - the drum sound and your finger tap. This will help you determine if your finger is taping on time with the drum sound and make adjustments
  • If you play on headphones, use them also during the delay calibration
  • if your delay number turns green - it indicates that last two taps were within 0.02s accurate and therefore your delay should be set properly. Just press back or continue to finish the calibration procedure
  • Find a quiet place so you can hear the drum sound better
  • Retry - test your delay and try again
  • You can set the delay manually by taping on the delay number

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