Dance Mat, Gamepad and Keyboard support

BeatX natively supports controllers and keyboards.

You can connect your Dance Mat, Keyboard or any other controller using OTG microUSB to USB cable or Bluetooth.
The cable can be bought in the nearest store with mobile phone accessories just for few bucks (i got mine for 2$).

Configure the keys before first use
  • Connect your controller and start BeatX
  • Go to Settings -> Controls
  • Tap on each button and then press a corresponding key on your controller
  • You can try the controller buttons right away. Simply push the controller button, a notification should appear in the top part of the screen
  • You can test you game pad in the Test screen
After you successfully bound all the keys, go back to the main screen, you should now be able to control BeatX with the controller.
This includes menu navigation and game play.

If you can't do JUMPS - please read the article in "?Help/Known issues/Can't do JUMPs on the dance mat"

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