Improving your Score

Tips to get a better score
  1. Take your time and set your sound delay as accurate as possible - you can set your delay in Settings/Set delay
  2. Clean your screen - Seriously! - a dirty screen will increase lag of your touchscreen and mess up the timing
  3. Fine tune your delay - you can enable in-game tap offset display in Settings/Advanced "Timing Info: SHOW"
  4. Tap to the music - (sound based), not the arrows hitting the base line (GFX based)
  5. Warm up! - Play some simpler songs before you proceed to a hard one
  6. Learn the song - Repeat and play the song again to learn all the patterns
Please don't rate 1 star just because you don't know how to play the game!

If you need some guide - turn on the vibrations in Settings and switch the game to Autoplay(Settings/Advanced/Autoplay: ON) - the game will play by it self and you can learn the rhythm of the songs by the vibrations (Note that your score won't be submitted to Leaderboards in auto-play mode)

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