BeatX Scoring and Timing/Judges

Every time you tap an arrow you are judged for timing accuracy and based on that information you will be given score, combo, health and dance points. For each tap judge (Marvelous, Perfect e.t.c.) there is a timing window within which you need to hit the arrow.

The timing values are derived from Stepmania, scoring is based on DDR3 scoring

MARVELOUS <22,5ms, Score 10x, Health +2, Combo +1, DancePoints +2
PERFECT <45ms , Score 9x, Health +2, Combo +1, DancePoints +2
GREAT <90ms , Score 5x, Health +2, Combo +1, DancePoints +1
GOOD <135ms , Score 0x, Health +0, Combo BREAK, DancePoints +0
BOO <180ms , Score 0x, Health -2, Combo BREAK, DancePoints -4
MISS >180ms , Score 0x, Health -8, Combo BREAK, DancePoints -5

If your health drops to 0, you will be only given a few percent from the score and your score won't be counted in the leaderboards.

Your grade (SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, F) is calculated based on number of Marvelous, Perfect, ... and your DancePoints and few rules:
F > if Health = 0
SSS > Only Marvelous and Perfects
SS > Only Marvelous, Perfect and Great's. Greats are 20% tops
S > Same as SS but you had more than 20% of Greats
A > More than 80% of DancePoints achieved
B > More than 64% of DancePoints achieved
C > More than 50% of DancePoints achieved
D everything else

Jumps are counted as a single "unit".. meaning that you get the same score for pressing a single arrow or two arrows simultaneously. The one exception are holds and freezes because they are counted separately. The time is judged when all the arrows are pressed (which is the same as in Stepmania)

Holds and Freezes
Holds and freezes are not counted in to Jumps. You get two scores. One for the start and one for finishing the whole hold/freeze. Starts of the holds/freeze are counted as simple arrows. Finishing of the hold/freeze will add 10x score and 6 dance points

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

NOTE: Timing window of 22.5ms means that you can tap less than 22.5ms early or less than 22.5ms late giving you a  45ms window to hit

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