File browser issues

Q: How can i delete songs i don't like?
You can delete them in your phone file browser. The default folder for songs is [Phone]/BeatX/Songs. It might be a good idea to also delete the files downloaded to your download folder (.smzip)

Q: I can't find my song library/I'm lost in the file browser
In the latest version there is a ".." button which will navigate you to BeatX song folder. (2.4.81)
Or using your Phone file browser navigate to your song library where you unpacked your smzips (BeatX default is [Phone]/BeatX/Songs). Find one of the .sm or .dwi files, tap it. Select BeatX as the program to open the files. BeatX will open with the file selector pointing to the folder where the .sm/.dwi file was located.

Q: Can't see any files in file browser (Android 6+)
This is because you did not allow BeatX to access your device storage at first launch. You were also notified about this by a message when the game starts. To fix this go to your phone Settings/Applications/BeatX and allow storage access in the permissions

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